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Linux Installation

Learn to install Linux with relevant packages.

  • Understand HDD partitioning
  • Primary Verses Extended Partitioning
  • Physical Volumes / Logical Volumes / Luns

Understanding RAID / Storages / DNS / DHCP / iscsi utilities

  • Different levels of Raid
  • Installation of configuration of DNS.
  • Installation and configuration of DHCP
  • tgtd and iscsi utilities

Installing 11g and 12c Oracle Software

  • Install and configure 11g and 12c Oracle Database Software

Creating 11g and 12c databases (manual)

  • Creating 11g Database and 12c Database manually

11g and 12c Architecture.

  • Thorough understanding of 11g and 12c architecture

Oracle Administration and management.

  • starting databases
  • understanding control files / redo log files / archive files
  • understanding Server parameter file and password files
  • Automatic memory management
  • Different components in SGA and PGA

Tablespaces / segments / extents and blocks

  • Dictionary managed versed locally managed tablespaces.
  • Automatic Segment space management
  • Understanding Segments / extents and blocks
  • Block utilization parameters
  • Understanding row chaining and migration
  • Different block Sizes

12c Multitenant Database concepts and new features

  • Understanding multitenant architecture
  • Overviews of Pluggable databases

Oracle networking and shared process overview

  • Configuring and maintaining listeners
  • Configured Dispatchers and Shared servers
  • Understanding tnsnames.ora / sqlnet.ora and Ez Connect

ASM overview and benefits

  • Complete Overview of ASM
  • Understand the need of ASM
  • ASM instance parameters

Rman and conventional Backup / Recovery

  • Defining backup strategy
  • Complete understanding of RMAN and conventional backups 

Rman and Conventional Cloning

  • Cloning  database using conventional methods
  • Cloning database using rman

Applying patches

  • Different types of Patches
  • How to apply patch to database

Database upgrade

  • Upgrade Database from 11g to 12c
  • Coverting 12c noncdb to 12c pluggable database

Physical and logical Standby/ Data guard

  • Configure physical standby database
  • Understanding logical and snapshot standby database

Oracle Shell Scripting overview.

  • understanding cronjob
  • writing basic scripts

AWR reports / ADDM reports / ASH report

  • Understand how to read the AWR  / ADDM / ASH reports

Sql loader / external tables

  • Using sql loader to load data into tables
  • External tables and its benefits

Partitioning concepts

  • Understanding different types of partitioning
  • Creating and altering partitions

expdp / impdp backups

  • Taking logical backups using expdp
  • Data pump usage and scenarios

Tracing utilities ( oradebug / sql trace / tkprof ) and sql tuning

  • Using utilities for tracing
  • How to read SQL explain plan
  • SQL performance considerations


  • Loss of a Control File
  • Loss of a Redo Log File
  • Loss of a Data File in NOARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Loss of a Noncritical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Loss of a System-Critical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode
  • Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Oracle Recovery Catalog maintenance
  • Backups using Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Recovery using Oracle recovery manager
  • Database Cloning using RMAN
  • Tablespace Point in time recovery
  • Incomplete recovery

Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts

  • Locks
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Data Concurrency
  • DML Locks
  • Enqueue Mechanism
  • Lock Conflicts
  • Possible Causes of Lock Conflicts
  • Detecting Lock Conflicts
  • Resolving Lock Conflicts
  • Deadlocks
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monitoring Methodologies
  • Database and Instance Metrics
  • Data Dictionary Metrics
  • Optimizer Statistics
  • Schedule Optimizer Statistics Collection
  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Viewing Metric Information
  • Reacting to Performance Issues
  • Reacting to Performance Issues

Proactive Maintenance

  • Server Generated Alerts
  • Thresholds
  • Setting Thresholds
  • Baseline Measurements
  • Tuning and Diagnostic Advisors
  • SQL Tuning and Access Advisors
  • Memory Advisors
  • Segment Advisor
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Managing the AWR
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)


Registration for : ORACLE DBA

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